Village of Rignac in Aveyron, South of France

A small city Rignac has a full range of services and facilities. Bar or restaurant, hairdresser, grocery, bakery or supermarket ... are nearby, to enjoy your holiday without loss of time to find the necessary. Furthermore, everything is within walking distance, easily.
There is also a market opportunity to discover local products.
Summer allows long evenings to enjoy the many festivals votive taking place on weekends in the villages nearby. For events are also planned, see Agenda Comité du Tourisme de l'Aveyron.

Wild nature in AveyronAlthough on vacation, there are also activities or festivals to discover! Find information on events around the campsite with the site l'Office de Tourisme du pays Rignacois.

Ideas for road trip in Aveyron,

Rignac is centrally situated in the Aveyron, between Rodez and Villefranche-de-Rouergue on an axis East -West and Decazeville and Millau on a north-south axis,thus leaving the choice of many discoveries in a region with so nice landscapes.

South, Millau, a viaduct, Micropolis (the city of insects), created Millau Viaductafter the movie "Micropolis", is far about 1:30 road, through the Valley of Viaur, wild and unknown; returning by road from Pont-de-Salars, you can see lakes of Lévézou.

The North, Belcastel, castle, village nearby Aveyron river, then following the main road to Rodez and its cathedral, with its stained glass windows restored in a modern way, and extending the route, the Plateau of Aubrac, middle mountain where hiking, listening to the belling of the deer in the fall and spring observe wild orchids.

West, here is Villefranche-de-Rouergue , old city of the Middle Ages, and its colorful markets, continuing the way, Najac and its castle, the Gorges of the Aveyron, and then, the historic village of Cordes.

Bournazel' CastleThe East, Bournazel and Renaissance castle, Peyrusse-le-Roc and its medieval towers, the Lot Valley, Conques and its Abbey, famous step for the pilgrims of St Jacques de Compostela.

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